Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bring them home already

CNN Report

Failed. All because they included a clause that would allow troops to come home. I'd love to see Bush spend some time out there himself in the troops shoes.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Oh My GOD..

Its old, but i could not believe it when i saw it...

Bush attempts to pardon... HIMSELF!!!



How insane is that? To compare this case to Clinton? and the hypocrisy?!?!

my 1 and only point -- Clinton: Case stemmed from the former President cheating on his wife (more of a personal matter).

Libby: Leaked CIA information.

Corrupt Politicians: More than anyone could account for
People of the United States: 0

Libby sentenced to 30 months in prison

CNN Report

Yet another example of scandal and corruption in the United States Government. While you might say that I was not completely surprised to see this emerging out of the news, I am still in awe. What are things coming to?

I know my views are skewed for the most part, but this particular article sends chills down my spine. I feel that it is the quintessential portrayal of what i believe to be the theme of my blog, and it is in fact - very disappointing.

Where are we headed as Americans? Are we soon to be subject to the same corruption of our neighbors to the South of the border and other countries? Will bribery, purjury and scandal become common place in the great U.S.A?

Its a long shot - but whats next? Could it be that in the years to come, our government and culture will experience such a shift that my children will be able to buy their way out of speeding tickets, or any sort of violation for that matter, by ismply offering monetary compensation? Is it really heading in that direction? I hope not, but I dont feel that it is such a farfetched idea.

The worst part? We're falling apart from the Top - Down, i feel i could almost accept it if it was a Bottom - Up sort of thing, but this is ridiculous.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Policing the Blogosphere

CNN Report

Is it time to crack down on the blogosphere?

While there may be a need to keep tabs on the information that flows into the infinite abyss we call the internet, I do not feel there needs to be any "policing" of blogs. Despite those who might feel I'm giving the general population too much credit, I do believe that people are perfectly capable of being responsible enough to self-moderate within their internet "sphere."

Like Tim O'Connell i feel strongly that, "It's the broken windows problem," he says. "If you don't look after your neighborhood, it gets worse, and eventually you have to move out."

Friday, June 1, 2007

Stem Cell Research, The Debate Continues...

Lifenews Report

To support stem cell research or not? That seems to be the age old question. Preserving life, or destroying life. Or is it really a life that we are destroying, so much as a cluster of cells?

In either case, this ongoing debate seems to be the best example of U.S. Politics and how things work.

Both the Senate and the House have passed measures to secure funding for stem-cell research, however, not obtaining enough votes to override a promised Veto. Sure enough however, the bill will still be sent to the President in hopes of its passing.

For those of you who are on the fence about stem-cell research, here's an older video clip featuring Michael J. Fox on the issue:

Let it ride.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vote Republican in 08' ?

Thats probably the last thing you readers would expect to hear come out of my mouth, and right now, I'm actually thinking about entertaining the idea.

CNN Reports that former Senator, Fred Thompson is considering entering himself for the running of the 2008 Presidency.

On the one side, Thompson is portrayed as an Anti-Washington candidate, which im sure the majority of people would side with. He's got a lot of good ideas under his sleeves, in regards to immigration and re-uniting the American front.

What i am worried about however, is how thing look on the flip side of the coin. Take a look at Thompson's reply to Michael Moore after back and forth criticism in regards to Moore's Sicko documentary.

Now, aside from some good points that Thompson has made in the past, and more importantly, what has been emerging more recently, i worry. Why? Well, Thompson's video reply to Michael Moore's criticism comes off as a little too childish for my tastes. It seems he's more worried about, "rubbing it in" Moore's face rather than dissolving any issues the two have between each other.

What do you all think?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bush to go Green

No, not Green party. Thank God.

CNN Reports

President Bush is engaging talks to bring the Unites States back into the fold of Environmental Politics. Hoping to be a forerunner on the issue, Bush is planning on bringing "15 nations" together on technological advancements that will hopefully help put an end to Global Warming sometime in the near future.

Some skeptics however, believe it is a ploy to, "divert attention from the president's refusal to accept any emissions reductions proposals at next week's G-8 summit," -Phillipp Clapp

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All for One and One for All featured an article today touting the Clinton's advocacy for a "We're all in it together" approach to economic growth rather than the current "You're on your own" practice.

The world would be a much better place if we all worked together towards a common goal.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Establishing personhood before abortion reported today that a bill would be presented that would require abortionists to offer a viewsing of the fetus before termination via sonogram.

Whether or not this is a good idea is a tough call. On the one side, seeing your unborn child may talk you out of terminating pregnancy. Alternatively however, being talked out of abortion may not necessarily be a good thing, especially if one is not yet fit or prepared financially, mentally, or emotionally to raise a child.